About Us
Jon White – Founder and Tour Coordinator

Jon has been exploring New York City–both as an enduring personal interest and as the focus of his career–since settling here after graduate school 37 years ago. He’s not a “guide;” he’s your portal to an insider’s understanding of how how things really work. He’s worked  in New York City economic development in all five boroughs; served as a top City public finance official explaining the City to investors around the country and overseas; and written articles about the City for publications including Time Out New York, The Daily News, and The Queens Courier on topics like biking the Rockaway boardwalk; best cheap eats in Jackson Heights, go-to bars in Queens for following national teams participating in the FIFA World Cup, and top Latin dance clubs in the City. He’s also enjoyed the opportunity to live in incredibly dynamic parts of the City such as downtown Brooklyn, Harlem, Jackson Heights, Queens, and Richmond Hill, Queens–and currently serves as a trustee for some unique cultural organizations in Queens.  He is also a registered New York City tour guide with an impressive accumulation of 5-star TripAdvisor™ reviews and a reputation for telling a great story! 

Jon has never stopped being fascinated by the City’s amazing variety and the startling contrasts between its sometimes overwhelming urban-ness and its near-forgotten wild corners–and loves sharing what he knows about this place with visitors.  Why?  “For me it’s about more than place and facts” he’ll tell you. “It’s about perspective, stories, and the stories behind the stories that help folks understand what they’re looking at and how it all fits into the whole of what makes the City tick. I particularly like the myriad of places that are brilliant and important but slightly off the beaten track and therefore not overwhelmed–yet. This is the New York that explorers here deserve to see.”