Welcome to Queens 360 Tours—your gateway to the biggest and most diverse part of New York City!  In normal times we specialize in private van tours for individuals, families and groups that provide both an overview of the history and the exciting offerings available now in “The World’s Borough.” 


Queens is, among many other things, home to some of the city’s most important historic, sports and cultural landmarks, including its amazing jazz legacy; unique and world-class cultural institutions and the city’s premier beaches and natural areas. In addition, as the most ethnically diverse county in the world, Queens offers an unequaled window into the modern immigrant experience–along with its huge variety of excellent global cuisine. You truly don’t know the City until you know Queens! 


These are far from normal times, however.  As we know, the coronavirus pandemic has been both terribly lethal and has also radically changed our ideas about touring.  For that reason, Queens 360 Tours is developing virtual tours and short information pieces that can at least partially take the place of an in-person experience.  Be sure to follow us on Youtube and Instagram for more content by clicking on the icons below.